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"Brooke has an amazing ability to do readings. My husband and I had just moved to another state 2 years ago and she did a reading for me. I asked her about my husband's career, since his new job was the reason we moved, and he was having some difficulty at work with a co-worker. She explained that a colleague of my husband, someone with dark hair, was jealous of his promotion and this is why he was lashing out. I hadn't told her anything about the situation, so when she relayed this information it was right on the money! Another time she hit the nail on the head was when she read my cards in September, I was trying to get pregnant. She let me know that I'd be pregnant by November - boy was she right! I'm now 2 months pregnant! She predicted before I ever became pregnant that it would be a boy... we'll have to wait a couple more months before that prediction can come true - but I'd bet money on it!"



Update: Feb 13, 2008...It's a BOY!! -Francine S. - Albany, NY



 "I wanted to get pregnant and couldn't. she told me to get my tubes checked. They were both blocked. I asked her again for more advice. She saw me getting a surgeon and having both tubes open. Guess what I had the surgery in June. Groggy after the surgey the dr told me both my tubes are open. Just like she said they would be." Michelle,N.Y.



"My sister-in-law was pregnant with triplets. No one knew at the time the genders of the babies but Brooke's cards saw all girls. Three baby girls were born 6 months later. Also, in 2004 I had asked her about my upcoming trip to Europe. Something came up in the cards that indicated there would be some kind of destruction of property,possible explosion. She said to me, "You're going to hear about this on the news. This is going to be big". She assured me that I would be ok tho. What came up in her cards was the March 2004 Madrid train bombing...a terrorist attack that killed 200 people!" Connie- Duluth, Minnesota



"I have had readings with Brooke for about 5 years now, countless and numerous things have happened. She warned me that there would be an accident with my son, a few days later my son was hit by a car, he was ok but it happened. Brooke predicted I would get a job with Children, I got a job working with Children with Special needs. She predicted that I would get a new car, I did. There is so much she predicted that came to pass I cant even tell all. She even predicted everytime my exboyfriend was cheating" K,Mass.



"Brooke is no doubt one of the most impressive psychics that I have ever encountered. I had experienced multiple miscarriages and wanted some insight as to why it was happening and when I was finally going to have a successful pregnany. Brooke was so sensitive to my concerns and extremely intuitive about what I was feeling. She provided a deep insight into my situation that was very absent in the other psychics that I had previously contacted. Before Brooke provided me my first reading, I had a dream about particular issues with my spirit babies and low and behold she confirmed important information about my spirit children that I experienced in that dream and I had not even told her about it yet. That is when I knew how geniune she is and how I could really trust her and her gift. In addition, she came up with some of the exact conclusions that a very renowned psychic came up with for me, but one of the major differences was that Brooke was a lot less expensive. But, in the most helpful way Brooke provided some of the best advice as to how to improve the situation and I definitely feel it working! Thank you Brooke, you are a truly gifted and beautiful, enlightened one and I hope that you are given all of the abundance of love, respect, and prosperity that you have so beautifully given others." Ava






Hi Brooke - I just wanted to let you know that I got my BFP on 1-5-08 and am due September 15, 2008! So you were RIGHT!!!! "piscespassion"



I just wanted to let you know you were right : ) I got a positive pregnancy test yesterday! I have waited for this for two years! "jayandmegan"



BFP on Feb 5, 2008....jessy29 ( Predicted on Jan 15th, 2008: "conception or BFP very soon....between Feb and April."



BFP on Feb 3, 2008....Jennifer ( and twoweekwait) Predicted on Jan 26th,2008: "between NOW and March!" It's a BOY! (as predicted)



BFP on Feb 8, 2008....Juliann (justmommies) Predicted on Jan 17, 2008: "conception or BFP, Feb-April.".....PREDICTED "BOY", VALIDATED "BOY" in June.



BFP on Feb 29, 2008...Ebony (Baby Center Australia) Predicted on Jan 13th 2008: "celebration of pregnancy end of Feb"



BFP on March 7, 2008...Robyn (Justmommies) Predicted on Jan 18 2008: " pregnant by March"



BFP on March 12, 2008...Tanylisa ( Predicted on Dec 12 2008: "conception Feb/March"



Conception Feb 23/24 2008 BFP March 10,2008 Predicted on Nov 30, 2007: "conception Feb 08".... Donne (BabyCentre UK)



Conception March, BFP April 9th.... Predicted on Feb 26, 2008: "conception or BFP March/April".... Erica (



Conception Feb. Predicted Feb 17th, 2008: "you will conceive this cycle, if not then next cycle" ...."Andrea"



BFP April. Predicted March 6th, 2008: "conception or BFP between April and June" ...."Jamilah"



Predicted on Feb 22, 2008:"conception or BFP April-June" Also, predicted this baby being a BOY. CONFIRMED! Conception and BFP April, 2008.....Lindsey (justmommies)



Predicted on Jan 19, 2008: "Currently pregnant with a BOY" Confirmed in May after two sonograms...BOY! ......Leah, (justmommies)



Predicted on March 16th, 2008: " Baby boy coming in very soon".(no TTC question was asked,only career questions, however this baby insisted on making his appearance known in the cards!) BFP on April 30th, 2008 Julie,



Predicted on Feb 12, 2008: "conception or BFP between April and June." BFP on May 11 (Mother's Day!) .....Amber,



Predicted Feb 28,2008: "May through July conception or BFP". BFP May 9th, 2008 ....Lisa,



Predicted Feb 19,2008: "May through July conception or BFP". May 1,2008: Doctor-confirmed pregnancy. ...Candice, FertilityFriend



Email received May 16th, 2008:



Hi Brooke... I've been waiting for this email with my update. So, you read for me in Jan and Feb and you said you saw my BFP between April and June...well I just got it yesterday. I am so excited!!! You also mentioned I was going to need hormonal supplement to conceive. My infertility specialist gave me clomid and it was our first round, so I am very happy. You also said that we were going to do some home remodeling, and it was true. we bought our home in April and we did "a little bit of remodeling like you said". i just hope it is a girl like you said. I thank you so much for making me keep the faith. Thank you so much Brooke.. Mirna and



Predicted April 1, 2008...."May/June for conception or BFP"..... BFP May 27th, 2008....



Predicted March 14th, 2008...."between May and July for conception or BFP".... BFP May 18th...



Predicted Feb. 28th, 2008..."May-July conception or BFP".....BFP in June.....Lisa-Palooza from APA



Predicted March 14th...."Pregnant by May"....BFP end of March....Allison



Brooke ~ After almost a year of trying, it finally happened!! I got my BFP on June 3rd. It happened just like you said it would. Thanks for helping me keep the faith! Stefanie (



Predicted on Feb 5th, 2008..."May-July conception/BFP".... BFP MAY 30th, 2008..... Meike



Predicted on March 28th, 2008..."May-July conception/BFP".... BFP June 13, 2008..... "lilly36"



Predicted April 28th, 2008..."June/July conception/BFP".... BFP...June 18th....



Predicted Feb 26, 2008...."Conception or BFP between May and July".... BFP June 19th....Jessica from



Predicted on April 8, 2008..."Conception or BFP May-July"... BFP mid June....Iaysha from BabyCentreAustrailia



Predicted on March 3, 2008...."Conception or BFP June-August"... BFP 1st week July....Margaret("wishingxxx")from



Predicted May13, 2008....."June-August conception or BFP".... BFP July 9th, 2008.....Heather from



Prediction on Jan 29, 2008..."Conception or BFP May through July".... BFP in June...Angela



Predicted June 2, 2008..."by August (conception or BFP)".... BFP July 10th.... Amanda from'S A GIRL AS PREDICTED!



Predicted on June 4, 2008..."July/August conception or BFP".... BFP July 21....Dusti



Predicted on June8, 2008..." Between NOW and August, conception or BFP"... BFP week 3 July...."Kozji" from



Predicted May 8th..."July/August conception or BFP"... BFP July....Jamilah



Predicted March 31, 2008...."May-July conception or BFP"... BFP last week in May....Jennifer from



Hi Brooke, Thank you for everything over the last few months you have been wounderful not only did you predict that I would be pregnant by August you also said it would somehow coincide with my Mum's passing that you saw sadness and then a celebration, well as you know Mum passed on the 23rd July and I got my BFP on the 27th of July you are truly amazing and I look forward to sharing my journey with you Lorna : )



Predicted on Jan 23....."conception or BFP April-June" BFP April



Predicted April 10th...."conception or BFP May-July" .....conceived first week of July...Jo...babycentreuk



Predicted May 21..."conception or BFP Aug-Oct"... BFP August 8th,2008...Chloe



On August 10, Stephanie wrote: Hi Brooke, I don't know if you got my email with the image or if the image was readable (I did resize it) but I did a clearblue digital test yesterday and although it is still 3 days before I am due, it is a BFP!!! You were spot on!! And I have to say, I did have my doubts about it being so soon but weh-hey! Thanks! Stephanie ...babycentre.UK (predicted on June 5th that Stephanie would conceive by August)



Predicted June 24th..."Soon! July/August for conception or BFP".... BFP 8/13/08...Sally (fertilityfriend)



Dear Brooke Thank you for your reading. I received my BFP end of March (about 27th - not much short of APril) and scan tells me it is a boy!! Janelle (BabyCenterAustralia).... Predicted on Jan 31..."conception or BFP between April and June. Baby will be a BOY"



Predicted June 11..."July/August conception".... Conception in August.....Victoria



Prediction Feb 15th, 2008: "I do see you getting pregnant between May and July. I see a physician involved, seeing some type of medication or hormonal treatment assisting in conception. Viable pregnancy, YES!"..... Confirmation Sept 2: "I just wanted to let you know that I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and so far things are looking great….Your prediction was spot on. We decided to do an IVF cycle in July and conceived with the help of an RE in July. The pregnancy is viable as we have a strong heartbeat and things are progressing right on target! -Ann-Marie (twoweekwait)



August 19, 2008 6:57 PM Subject: Re: reading Hi Alex.......Yes, I DO see you getting pregnant, but I am being shown a "wait". They're showing conception or BFP near the end of this year into the beginning of next year, so I have to say between Dec and Feb09. Also a BOY comes up for this pregnancy. Are you currently taking fertility meds? As this comes if not now, I feel you will be soon. Let me know if this makes sense. Hope my timing is off and it happens much sooner! Blessings, -Brooke






Sep 9, 2008 at 2:29 PM, Alex wrote: Dear Brooke, Just to give you some feedback of the reading I had with you. You mentioned that I will be taking fertility meds and yes, that is true as me and my hubby are planning on having IVF in November with testday being in December this year. So all going well we will get our much longed for BFP then. :) Thank you very much for a great reading. Regards, Alex



Predicted 4/10/08: May-July conception/BFP... Conceived in



Predicted 5/21/08: Aug-Oct conception/BFP... BFP Aug 9th...Chloe



Predicted 6/5/08: "by August"... BFP Aug



Predicted 6/24: "July/Aug"... BFP 8/



Predicted 1/31: "April-June"... BFP end of March..Janelle...babycenterAustralia



Predicted 6/11/08: "July/Aug conception"... BFP August...Victoria



Predicted 5/23: "by end of July".... BFP June 3...Diana...FertilityFriend



Predicted 6/24: "July-Sept conception/BFP... Conceived in Sept, BFP Oct 2...Gwen...justmommies



Predicted 8/19: "by Oct/Nov"... BFP Oct...Chasity



"I just wanted to let you know that I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and so far things are looking great….Your prediction was spot on." Ann-Marie



"Hi Brooke! I wrote to you a few months ago... and I just wanted to let you know that I got my BFP last week! I'm 6 weeks pregnant! So you were right!"-Lupe



Oct 14: "I just wanted to let you know that you got the date of my BFP right, and also the fact that we are having a BOY!!! You were 100% accurate, I am recommending you to all my friends who are TTC." Thanks, Jamilah



Oct 15: "Hi Brooke! I just wanted to let you know that you were right! I conceived in Sep. and got my BFP in Oct. I'm 5 weeks along and I'm due in June. Thank you so much!"-Brenda



Oct 20: Brooke, You did a reading for me in July this year (see below), im happy to report im pregnant and i conceived early October as you predicted. Thank you so much as your reading gave me the peace i was after, will inform once i know the gender.-Michelle



"Hi Brooke! Just wanted to let you know your reading was right! I got a BFP last week-- due in June."-Kristen



Oct 29: "Hi Brooke I just wanted to let you know that you were SO RIGHT I got my BFP on July 10th.. You told me July/August and I just found out... WERE HAVING A GIRL Just like you said Thank you so very much" -Jennifer



Nov 5:"Dear Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that I got my BFP today - well 3 infact!!!!! So your reading was spot on. Thank you so much." -Kelly Brooke wrote: Hi Kelly.....I see you conceiving by end of October, so just around the corner! (so you may have your BFP in Nov)



Nov 10: "Hi Just letting you know I got my BFP!!! Thank you so much, if you hadnt of said about supplements I dotn think I would of found them!! They must of helped! Thank you again, will get back to you when I know the sex!" -Natasha



Hi Brooke Just wanted to let you know you were right!!! I got my BFP this month as you predicted... amazing!!!! Thanks for keeping my hope alive x -Lu (Ivillage)



Dec.6,2008: Hi Brooke, A couple months ago you predict that I would get pregnant in October or November of this year. I was hopeful until my Husband got the results from 2 semen analyst. They where bad and I pretty much had given up getting pregnant in the near future. Well, I ended up testing just on a whim this Wednesday and I am Pregnant!!!! – baby was conceived in November – just like you said!!!!! Going to have to wait 9 month to se if it is a boy like you said – my husband wants to wait- I just can't believe it, we have been trying for over a year – thank you!



Brooke- Thanks so much for your reading and although it has been a while I wanted to let you know that you were RIGHT! We got our BFP 8/23 & are due with a baby boy! Thanks again! Calissa (



HI Brooke.... Just a quick email to say thanks again for the prediction - You were RIGHT!!!!! Its a little girl and im completely over the moon about it!!! Still 20 weeks to go but cant wait to meet her!! Thanks so much! Vanessa






Hi Brooke Just wanted to let you know i got my bfp today! So your prediction by end of Jan was right! im very pleased, this was my 7th cycle trying. Thank you xxx A.S....TFAB



"Well done Brooke, (On Jan 26th, predicted "soon"..Feb/March for conception/BFP) I've just got my BFP!!, I'm due in October - will let you know if it's a boy! - you are very clever! Thankyou so much."



"You told me that you seen us switching doctors and without remembering that, I did end up dropping my doctor of 4 years due to his office not being able to get me in when i'm having medical issues! You also said something about another procedure or test but nothing as extreme as IVF and my DH and I have actually decided to use a known donor for donor insemination!" -Jessica



"Hi Brooke, well I am delighted to tell you I tested yesterday and got my BFP Your prediction of SOON was on the button. Thank you so much" Gail x



Hi Andrea.....Re timing, I was being shown"two". So I have to say by mid-Feb for conception or BFP. "BFP Jan 1st!!!!!! Andrea x"



Hi Brooke Just to let you know that I'm pregnant - I found out 2 weeks ago. (Predicted in Dec, "conception or BFP BY end of Feb")



Hi Brooke, Thank you for your prediction. I just wanted to let you know I got my BFP on 20th Feb. So you are already 50% there. I really hope you are right with the gender too, that would be amazing. Thanks again Lisa



Hi Brooke! I just wanted to let you know that your prediction of a BFP in Feb/March was correct!!! I tested this morning and got my BFP. We are so excited! I'll let you know if you're prediction of a girl is correct too at the end of October. Thank you so much Brooke!



"Hi Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that I got my BFP in October and I'm now 23 weeks pregnant! We found out recently that our baby is a boy and we are so excited. Everything happened just like you said it would! Thanks again for you positive thoughts! Lara



Hello Brooke, just wanted to let you know that I finally got my first ever BFP! I am so excited and so scared as we have waited for this pregnancy for about 17 months! Please let me know if this will be a healthy pregnancy, as you are the only one who gave me hope ever. Once again THANK YOU, BROOKE! I AM FINALLY PREGNANT, JUST LIKE YOU SAID! Thank you and God Bless you! ...Lina



Good Evening Brooke I would like to say once again Thank you very much for your readings. I am so happy to advise that two of your predictions have come true. We have just purchased our first home and it will settle this wednesday 4th March. ____ also proposed to me on Valentines Day. I really look forward to your next prediction coming true and we will conceive our next Child this month. Once again Thank you Cass



3/10/09 Hiya thanks so much for your prediction, I got my BFP yesterday! so Im due November cant wait anna Predicted Feb 12, BFP by end of March



April 4, 2009: Hi Brooke, Just emailing to let you know I got a BFP Yesterday. Thank you so much for your accurate prediction. I lost a baby just before Christmas and your prediction has kept me going when I didn't think I could go another day. You can add my comments to your validations, I am not a member of any forums though, just found out about you through a friend and it has certainly been well worth it. -Maree..... Predicted in Feb...AprilMay conception or BFP



Hi Brooke, that's really mind blowing that you said all this! I've been wanting to switch doctors for a while now simply because my current doctor doesn't do labor & delivery. The one doctor I had in mind is probably in his 40's, dark hair- Keri (Predicted a switch of a male with dark hair.)



Helllo Not sure if you remember me, you predicted a jan/feb bfp for me and I did get it just a bit earlier in December. I just thought i would let you know yesterday I found out I am having a boy which you also predicted. Thanks Love Lisax



Hi Brooke. I got my BFP today (April) so you weren't too far off! Also, I conceived with Clomid so you were right about the meds. Thanks!-Kathy (Predicted Feb/March conception or BFP, and BOY)



April 15th 2009: Hi Brooke-I just wanted you to know that you were right about when I would get my BFP. I got one yesterday! I will let you know about gender in a few months! Thank you so much, Rachel (Predicted March 13..."Hi Rachel.....I'm being shown that you'll be pregnant very soon, if not now! By end of April for conception or BFP.")



May 8th, 2009: Hi Brooke, I can't believe I'm writing you back so soon. You were right...I'm pregnant! Just found out tonight. :) Looks like I was when I emailed you and didn't even know it. I can't believe how right on you were. We are though hoping for a boy, so some part of me hopes your tarot skills aren't that good. ;) Thanks again! Casey S. (PREDICTED ON April 30th..."..between NOW and June for conception/BFP")



May 15th...predicted conception BY the end of June. BFP on May 18th! Melissa



May 19th..Hi Brooke Just to let you know I am currently 6 weeks pregnant! Many thanks once again for your acurate reading, perfectly timed! Found out in May, well may 8th to be precise, it was also an IVF cycle - so you were spot on with procedure and meds too. -Liz Predicted March 10.."May/June conception/BFP..."procedure" and "meds".



May 19... Brooke, I just wanted to give you a follow up. I received your reading below on April 14th and I got a BFP on May 8th!!! It was the same cycle that I received your reading. -Tammy Predicted on April 14th..."Between NOW and end of June"



Hi Brooke, Am delighted to let you know that we got a BFP on 13th May!! Meaning conception was in April, so your prediction was accurate!! Thank you so much for your reading, it gave us hope that everything would be ok. We are looking forward to seeing if the rest of your prediction (boy) is correct. Take care, Fionna xx Please add me to your validations, it was because of all of your previous validations that I decided to get a reading, so mine being there may inspire someone else to get a reading done!



May 26: I conceived on March 3rd, found out March 13th and am due in November! -Heather Predicted Jan 9, 2009.."March/April conception/BFP



Hi Brooke, I had my sono today and you where right, I´m having a girl! -Elizabeth



June 1: Hi Brooke! You were right!!!! I got my BFP today...thank you so much! -Cari Predicted on May 10th.."between NOW and July"



June 3... Hi Brooke... Please see below, i got my BFP jsut after you sent me this email. -Teresa (Feb/15) Hi Teresa.......They're showing conception or BFP between NOW and end of April!



HI Brooke Just a quick not to let you know that I had my 20 week scan yesterday and they are pretty sure it is a GIRL !!! Looks like you are right on both counts. Well done, that is amazing!!! -Lisa



June 7th: Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that I got my BFP today. Thank you so much. -April Predicted on April 8...May/June conception/BFP



June 7th: Hi Anesa....You'll have your wish very soon according to my cards! I'm getting between NOW and August! brooke!!!! I found out this MORNING that i was pregnant!!!!! I got your prediction tonight thank-you!!!!! -Anesa (babymed)



June 7th: "Just wanted to update you that i got my positive blood test on Wednesday..." -Amy Predicted April 20th "by end of June conception/BFP"



June 8th: "Hi Brooke, You said I would find out in June with a bfp and I did! I will let you know if its a girl! Blessings!!!" -Beth



Predicted on Jan 27, 09..."baby girl conceived between May and July" BFP June 6th, conceived in May! -Leslie



Predicted Feb 7,09...."March/April conception/bfp".... BFP March!....Nicola



June 15th, 09: "Hi Brooke, I know you prob don’t remember giving me this reading below, giving the number you get. But when you did I had a hard time with what you meant by manifesting..I just wanted you to know that I was having an acupuncture treatment (for my upcoming IVF in a week) and while I was in that half asleep state I saw clearly a little boy who was the spitting image of my husband, he was waving and I think maybe even teasing me… and for the first time, I think I know what you meant. It was very surreal, I almost think I didn’t believe it happened but I remember it clearly. I prob wouldn’t have known what or I should say who it was if I didn’t get your reading, and I’m starting to believe he is coming.! Thanks again, Karen..... July 8th "I just got my BFP after my IVF. Beta is 310 at 15 DPO…..Thank you, all your reassuring words helped me keep the faith my dream could come true!!".......PREDICTED 4/14/09: JUNE/JULY PREGNANCY AND MEDS AND PROCEDURE.Visualize and speak to baby.PREDICTED BOY....CONFIRMED! It's a BOY!



Hi Brooke - Guess what? I got my BFP today! Fingers crossed that you got the sex right too! Thanks a million, Hayley......PREDICTED 3/27/09: JUNE/JULY CONCEPT/BFP



Hi Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that I got my BFP this morning. I did actually change acupuncturists after your reading and I think she is the one who helped me conceive. My RE told me I'd never have a child without using donor eggs, so this is a blessing beyond belief. Thank you for providing some peace in my life. Danielle........PREDICTED 4/14/09: JUNE/JULY CONCEPT/BFP, and suggested acupuncture.



June 18th..."I just got my BFP yesterday! You were right! Thanks again! Leslie".....PREDICTED 4/16/09: JUNE/JULY CONCEPT/BFP



Hello Brooke, I wanted to let you know how my questions have gone. 1) You were right, we sold our house at the very end of March and our Agent Jodie was the lady with the dark hair that sold our home. We are now in a nice home and I am now able to be a stay home mum to my 19 month old daughter. 2) Yes my sister did fall pregnant and she is now 20 weeks. Due in November and so far all ok and she is looking great



July 1,2009: "Hey Brooke! I just wanted to tell you that you were spot on! I got my BFP this morning!!! My husband and I are over the moon! I am seeing my new doctor next week. I will keep you updated on the gender result. Thanks!!! Jody "I would love for you to add me to your validations because you were spot on! I got my BFP at 1:00 A.M., but it was July 1st LOL! You truly have a gift! One of the girls on BabyMed is keeping a spreadsheet of predictions and BFPs, and honey, you are SPOT ON"



July 1,09..."Hi there, Just letting you know I got my BFP today! Below is your prediction :)" ....PREDICTED ON APRIL/16: MAY-JULY CONCEPTION/BFP



June 30..."Hi brooke i just wanted to let u know that i got my bfp last week as u predicted so thanks very much x just gotta wait now to see if it's a girl x"...PREDICTED APRIL 15: JUNE/JULY CONCEPT/BFP



July 1, 09... "Hi Brooke, I just wanted to let you know I just got my BFP, you predicted by the end of August I will have conceived."..PREDICTED ON JUNE 18th "BY the end of August for conception/BFP"



July 6,09: "You gave me a reading Feb this year and I thought I would give you an update: I fell pregnant in March !!! Yah so you were right. I fell pregnant naturally on Clomid - NO IVF ! Yah! Im having a girl. Regards Alana"...PREDICTED ON FEB4, 09: "March-May conception/BFP. Meds, but no IVF/IUI, BOY" (gender prediction wrong)



July 8,09.... "Brooke, Thought you might want an update. I asked you for a reading for me, Julie S., and for a friend, Renae F., 3 or 4 months back. You said Renae would get her bfp by the end of June and she just got it! She got pg at the end of June. You told me it would be toward the end of the year or next year. Since we were going to try soon, I thought you were wrong about me. But about a month and a half ago, my husband and I decided that my body was REALLY not working this time around (for baby 3) so we'd take a break and maybe even not have a third...we are going to wait awhile and not make any decisions one way or the other...although we are leaning toward just being happy with the two we have, one boy and one girl. So for now I am just trying to get my hormones in check and then we'll see... So you were right in both cases! Renae never knew that I contacted you and I'm not going to tell her. She's sooo happy and I'm so happy for her! Thanks so much! Julie "



July 9,09: "Hi Brooke, Just thought I would let you know I got my BFP two days ago! Fingers crossed this one will be a sticky one...Thank-you! Shelley.....PREDICTED ON JUNE 8: "Between NOW and August for conception/BFP"



July 16, 2009: "Hi Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that you were right as far as bfp. I got my second bfp July 12th (last month I got one but it ended in a chemical) and so far so good... "



July 24,2009: Hi Brooke Just so you know, RIGHT again, its a boy!! i had to find out as i had a really strong feeling it was, and i was right too!! Thanks for your well made predictions!! Julie xx



August 1: "Brooke you were right! I got my bfp on friday the 24th! Thanks so much!"...Sharon...Predicted on March 22.."conception/BFP July/August"



July 26: "Hi Brooke, Just a quick email to thank you and advise that your prediction of June/July for conception or BFP came true (I received BFP in July!). We are so excited and now will wait to see if you are correct with your gender predicton : )" ...Bree



August 31, 2009: "Hi just wanted to let you know your predictin was correct. Holly arrived 9 weeks early on 18th July weighing 3lb. She's now home with us. You were the only person to predict a girl. Thank you Nickie"



Sept 1, 2009:"Hi Brooke, Not sure if you remember me or not but my name is Shannon and i had an ectopic pregnancy in march and you gave me a new reading which was: Hi Shannon.....So I asked my cards again for a timeframe for conception/BFP and they're showing Aug/Sept. I'm not sure what gender I predicted for you originally but they're showing a GIRL for this pregnancy. I hope to hear of your BFP real soon! Blessings, -Brooke well i got my bfp Augsut 25th so you were right my edd is May 3rd 2010..Thanks again for everything"



Sept 10,2009.... "Just to let you know i got conceived in March :) and it is a boy....Laura" ....PREDICTED ON JAN 5th..."March-May conception/BFP and BOY"



Sept 21,2009.... "Thanks again for your reading. Just wanted to give you an update. I got my BFP on May 28. I have an EDD of Feb 1 and it is a GIRL!!!!" Kelly...PREDICTED ON MARCH 30..."April/May conception/BFP and BOY"..RIGHT ON "when", wrong on gender.



Sept,23 2009... Hi Brooke, Just wanted to let you know that your prediction for me conceiving in August came true. I got my BFP in September. Now the interesting part will be if you were right on gender and the twins part that you predicted. I'll keep you updated. Thanks so much. Harlene



Sept. 24, 2009... "Hi Brooke, Id just like to say thankyou for the readings you have done for me & I finally got my BFP on Mon 21st Sep, I'm not 100% sure on dates yet as I have longer than normal cycles (35days) & my luteal phase is also longer (16days). Once again Thankyou Skye".... PREDICTED ON AUG 26th...imminent pregnancy! within one or two more cycles."



Sept 20, 2009... "BFP 9/20/09!!! THANKS BROOKE!!"...Terri...PREDICTED ON APRIL 23...August-Oct conception or BFP.



Sept.29, 2009: "Hi Brooke, This is what you predicted for me in April: 'HI Jennie.....I really don't think it will take very long to get pregnant! I'm getting May-July! Another GIRL comes up for you!' I wanted to let you know that you were right! I got my BFP on July 1st and just found out this past weekend that we are expecting another GIRL :-) Thank you!!!!" -Jennie



Oct 6.... "Just wanted to let you know that you were spot on with conception. Had my first beta draw yesterday after two positive hpts. We are preggers. Just have the next one tomorrow. It's all still so surreal, waiting for it to sink in." -E..... PREDICTED ON JULY 29, "conception/BFP Oct/Nov"



Oct2...Blood test confirmed pregnancy.-Colleen... Predicted on August 19th..."conception/find out Oct/Nov"



Oct 17...Hi Brooke I am delighted to tell you that you were correct with your prediction. I conceived at the end of last month and found out earlier this month. Thank you so much. Corrie.....Predicted on Feb 13," August-Oct conception/BFP"



Oct.24: Hi Brooke, I am excited to report a bfp on 10/19! I really hope this one sticks but you were right! Now to find out in several months if its a boy as you say! I'm so excited!! -Kim...Predicted both pregnancies...the first July-Sept (BFP in July) and second "by end of October"



Oct.28th:Hi Brooke I wanted to say thank you! I received my BFP yesterday morning. You were right. I am due in July! Thank you Wendy....PREDICTED ON JULY 9.."Sept/Oct conception/find out"



Oct 29: "Meant to reply sooner. Got my BFP beginning of June..Joanne"....PREDICTED ON MAY 8:"SOON!BY END OF JUNE"



Nov 18: Hi Brooke- Just updating you I received a BFP on November 11th so you were right. I'm also currently taking Progesterone to help maintain the pregnancy. Thank you so much....can't wait to see if you're right about the sex. thanks again Melissa



Dec 1: Hi Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that I got my BFP nearly 2 weeks ago now, and am currently 5+3 weeks pregnant :-) Thank you so much for giving me hope at a time when I had almost given up. Will let you know if this baby is indeed a boy! Love Kelly



hi there Brooke, i had a gender reading from you back in September, We have just found out we are indeed expecting our sixth baby boy just as you predicted. Thanks so much



Dec28,2009: Hello Brooke, just a quick update, I gave birth to a baby GIRL just as you said! we called her Michelle! Thank you for everything. God bless you E.N



12/29/09: Hi Brooke! Just wanted to let you know that you were right!! You predicted "I'm being shown a timeframe of Nov/Dec for conception/find out. A BOY appears for this pregnancy." I got my BFP on 12-24-09!!! Can't wait to see if you're right about the gender. Thank you so so so so much!....Tara






Jan 9,2010: "Thanks again I thought I would let you know that I did get my BFP on Jan. 4th. Also will update when I find out the gender." Predicted in Nov...BFP/Find out Jan/Feb 2010.



Jan 13,2010: "I had a prediction from you for boy/girl twins born by c-section which turned out to be exactly right as we had twins and they were both breech so therefor had to be delivered by c-section at 38 weeks, so that was great" Kirsty



Jan 13,2010: "Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that you were RIGHT! I got my BFP on January 2!!" Jen.... Predicted 9/30/09:Jan/Feb conception/BFP



Jan 13,2010: have had three ultrasounds and verdict is 100% GIRL !!!!!!!:) currently 21 weeks pregnant...accurately predicted timing of conception/BFP and gender.



Not all my predictions that come to pass are good news: 11/20/08 Predicted: Hi Sharon...... Re the possible adoption, I hope I'm wrong, but I see some kind of legal obstacle surrounding this). The cards don't see it going through. 1/22/10 Which is true because possible biological dad is not trying to relinquish his right like he said he would, so therefore we can't adopt her.



1/20/10 Brooke, just wanted to let you know that I am indeed having a girl too!! Thank you so much you were right on with both finding out my BFP and that the baby would be a little girl! Thanks again! xoxo Colleen



1/21/10 Hello Brooke! I just wanted to let you know that we are in fact having a baby girl! Over the moon happy. Thanks again for a wonderful prediction! Adrienne



1/22/10 I got my BFP in Sept. 08, but conceived in August 08 and it was a beautiful baby BOY! He was born last June. Thank you SO much! You were 100% accurate!!!



1/24/10: "You had did a reading for me back around aug. and you told me I will get a bfp around dec or jan. I just wanted to let you know I got my bfp to day. Thanks Sheena"



Feb 6: Just wanted to let you know that we finally got our BFP on January 31st. Thanks!!~ Jennifer....Predicted on Jan 20: "procedure" and "success" BY end of Feb" (the "procedure" was IUI)



Feb16: Brooke - thank you. just an update... the IVF procedure WAS successful. we are currently pregnant with TWINS! and will find out the sexes in a month!..Kim...Predicted on Oct23: "I am getting this upcoming IVF being successful! A BOY comes up with a possibility of twins."



Feb17:"I just seen my Doc. Jan 18th he is a male light hair and also light eyed. He put me on clomid and I have a progesterone test this fri and sat to check to see if I ovulated. I was hoping you'd say I'd get my BFP this month :) So I'm on meds like you predicted and I'm having tests this weekend which you also predicted which is a hormone test which you also mentioned. My appt with my Dr. was just a long conversation so you were correct there also.".."S"...My reading for "S": "Hi S.....I'm getting within a few months...I have to say by end of May for conception/BFP. Also, something about "meds" (could be supplements?) and a "test" or "procedure" comes up around you. Not sure exactly what this is. Could be hormonal testing? Let me know if this makes sense. And a baby GIRL comes up for you for this pregnancy! There's also a light-haired and/or light-eyed male physician that comes up around you. Seems a conversation is about to occur with him. Does this make sense?"....Seemed it ALL made sense as it had just recently happened!:-)



Feb23: Reading: Hi "C".....If you're not pregnant NOW, then you will be by end of April! (according to my cards) Also, do twins run in your family? I'm getting a possibility of boy/girl twins!..."...Confirmed: "Thank you so much, and yes twins do run in my my husbands family!".."C"



Feb28: Relationship reading: "Have your mom and W... recently separated? If not, I feel they will, suddenly. They show something "sudden or shocking" happening, or having happened rencently. BUT according to my cards, they will reconcile. I see a possible marriage here, if not "marriage", then a living together situation. Let me know if this makes sense!"....Confirmed: "definitley makes sense! My mother and W... were high school sweethearts and had a sudden chaotic breakup. they just recently became romantically re-united. thank you again for everything!"... "C"



March 3 2010: Reading: "Hi J.....Are you sure you're not pregnant NOW? :-) If not, I feel you will be by May at the latest!..." Validation March 3:"Hi Brooke! I can not believe how right on you were! You said that You see me pregnant now, and well I got my BFP on sunday night :). Thank you for your right on target perdiction!"..."J"



March 4 2010:"... just found out today (concieved in February) that we are pregnant!!!!!! Now -- I just hope and pray your right about the GIRL part too! :) I will keep you posted!!!"-Constance...Predicted 8/19/09:Dec-Feb conception/find out



March 7,2010: Just a quick note to let you know I just got my BFP!!!!! ..Somayya...Predicted on 2/22/10: March-May conception/find out..



March 19,2010: Reading:"....And why does "travel" keep coming up around you? Do you have to travel some distance for doctors' visits?"....Validated!"Thank you! Funny...I do have to travel about an hour to every Dr. appt. and that has been part of the stress because they are early morning appts and I have to get up around 5am to get there before work"...Carrie



March 25,2010: "Im completely taken aback by how precise you are, WOW! You really are quite amazing. Thank you, K." Reading picked up on medical malpractice related to baby's birth.



March 27,2010: "OMG OMG OMG!!!! I just have to let you were RIGHT on! I just got my BFP today....March 27th! Technically its the middle of the night now so its the 28th...but you get the idea. I cant believe you got it right on!!..Lisa"..Predicted on Jan/12/2010 "by end of March...conceive/BFP"



March 28,2010: "OMG OMG OMG!!!! I just have to let you were RIGHT on! I just got my BFP today....March 27th! Technically its the middle of the night now so its the 28th...but you get the idea. I cant believe you got it right on!!..Jen"..Predicted on March 3,2010...."Soon! If not NOW, BY May!"



March 24,2010: Prediction: "I am being shown a pregnancy rather soon...I have to say April/May for conception/find out.(BOY) Also, something about "meds" or "supplements" came up around you..does this make sense?And the cards also showed a "phone call to/from a medical professional". Validations: "A pregnancy in the near future would be such a blessing! We have an appointment with an RE tomorrow, so that could be why both the 'phone call' and the 'meds/supplements' are showing in the cards." And later, on April 13th.."Hi, Brooke. Just wanted to let you know that we found out yesterday that we're expecting! Now we're just praying for a happy, healthy 9 months! Thanks again for your insight." Staci



April 14,2010 reading:Yes! I'm being shown an "older male physician" assisting you. If this does not describe your "current" doctor, I feel you'll be switching to this older male, of this makes sense? I'm getting a timeframe of Aug/Sept, but could be July, for conception or when you find out. first! Are you planning another procedure? (I'm getting the "procedure/test" card.) VALIDATED:"Thank you so much, Brooke! Funny because I’m currently seeing a young Asian doctor but I’m thinking about switching. The Dr that I’m thinking about switching to is Male and in his late 50’s. We’re waiting for some genetic testing to come back and then heading to another cycle (hopefully end of June)....Regina



April 16, 2010 Reading: I don't think it will be much longer! I'm getting a timeframe of May-July for conception or when you find out. Also, something about a "test" or "procedure" came up around you...looks like within month. Does this make sense? Could be anything from bloodwork to IUI. (not IVF). And there was an "older male" who appeared in the cards...does this describe a doctor or other medical professional you're working with?...VALIDATED:"It's interesting you say that...I just had an IUI today! My first fertility procedure! And I have been seeing an acupuncturist who is an older male"



April 20,2010: "Hi Brooke, I wanted to let you know that I got my BFP in March and conceived in Feb... as per your prediction!!!Thanks so much!!!"..Elizabeth



April 27, 2010: Reading Soon! I do feel you'll conceive BY the end of May! So any time now! Also, are you seeing an acupuncturist? Taking herbal supplements? VALIDATED:"Thank you Brooke! I started seeing a naturopathic doctor last week and I'm taking some supplements upon her recommendation. My initial reason to consult her was because I wanted to start acupuncture to help me conceive."



Predicted in Jan '10...."Also, something about a "change of residence" comes up...looks like this would be late Spring/summer? Does this make sense? If it doesn't now, it may later on, so let me know!" Did not make sense at the time. On April 28th: "Hi Brooke!It looks like you may be right about the residence change! We have put an offer on a house! Its a short sale so we still havent heard if we got it and probably wont until the end of May!"



Brooke, YOU WERE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she turned out to be a girl!



April 29,2010...Hey Brooke ~ Just wanted to let you know I got my raise at my part-time job last night! Very cool. (Predicted a raise in March 16th reading)



April 29 2010..."I did get my bfp, i got it on 12th april and i am due christmas day this year. We will have to see in a few months whether it is right about it being a boy. Thanks so much again, your reading put my mind at rest. x x " Predicted March 14: "Hi Sarah......Are you pregnant NOW??? If not I'm getting that you will be very soon as the end of next month, April!"



April 30,2010: "Wow Brooke- you are good! Yes, we are in the process of speaking with my male OB (who has brown hair and blue eyes) about going on Clomid. We are thinking a trip may be just what we need to decide next steps. Amazing- we will keep you posted! Thank you!" Prediction:".... Something about a "consultation" or "conversation" with a medical professional. And a "dark-haired/light-eyed" male came up around you....doesn't appear to describe your husband looking at his photo. Could this male be a physician? I'm also being shown "meds" or "supplements" of some kind. And "travel" comes up too..."



May 6,2010: "Hi Brooke, I just wanted to write back and tell you that were right! I got my BFP on 4/21!! I'm 6 weeks pregnant today. I didn't tell you in my first email that we were trying for just about 9 months (well had lots of cycle issues, so not sure you could even consider some months "trying"). Your prediction made me feel hopeful and I'm very happy to say that you were right." -K on March2:April/May conception/find out



5/6/10: "I got my BFP on May 5th!! You told me April/May, so you were bang on. I hopefully will have a little boy in Jan. I will keep you posted. Thanks." Christy






5/13/10:Hi Brooke "I just wanted to give you a follow up. I got my BFP on May 2nd just like you predicted."



5/17/10:"You where right! After 14 months of trying I finally got a bfp the month of March 2010 just like you predicted. I took your advise...the month I conceived this little one we totally relaxed, prayed and just let it happend. On May 3, 2010 I got a BFP confirmed at hospital my EDD is December 14, 2010. Here hoping is a boy as you predicted. I will KEEP YOU POSTED!! Thank you so much."



5/19/10:Brooke I got my bfp even bfore my period was due!! So I'm pregnant now like you said.. I will let you know about the gender! Thank you!!



5/3/10:"Hi Brooke, Just thought I'd let you know that we had a little boy! You got us right on both."..Anna



6/1/10:"Hi Brooke I just wanted to let you know that in December 2008 you predicted that I would conceive between March and May 2009 and that it would be a boy. I got my BFP in March 2009 and my son was born in December that year. Thank you!"...Susanne



6/7/10:"Hi Brooke, Just wanted to let you know your prediction last year was spot on. I was "barely" pregnant when you gave me the reading (I didn't know it yet.) I gave birth to a baby girl on March 10 of this year. Also, you mentioned that we had major changes coming up in terms of moving. We had actually just moved three weeks prior to your reading. Thank you!Nancy"



6/14/10:Hi Brooke!! I just wanted to update you, and let you know that I am PREGNANT and I found out the great news in MAY, just like you predicted!"..Maritza



6/20/10:"Hi Brooke!! We got our BFP today!!!!! Julie Thank you so much!! "(predicted on 5/9, June/July BFP)



6/24/10"Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that I did get my BFP! I had a positive HPT yesterday and today. I'm technically still in the two week wait after an IVF cycle and my beta is on Monday."..Tammy (predicted on 6/7.."between NOW and end of July" BFP)



Hey Brooke! 6/26/10:"I just wanted to let you know you were spot on when I would get my BFP! I got one on 1st June. I'm still amazed how you were right considering I never mentioned how we have been trying for 26th months, then out of the blue I got my bfp!!!" Katie



7/14/10:"Hi Brooke! I just wanted to tell you that you were Right! This was my first month trying and we got our BFP!!! Thank you!" -Andrea



7/7/10:"Hi Brooke, I just wanted to say thank you! I know you did not get me pregnant ;0) but your reading did help to keep me positive, which I think did play a huge role in our IUI working. I am pregnant and 99% sure that it is in the right place (not in my tube). Our ultra sound is not until Monday, but my numbers look really good. Thanks so much for what you do....I hope you realize that you are a God send doing his work for women like me who once felt like there was no hope at all. I'll let you know if it is a girl like your cards said as soon as I know. Thanks, Nicole "



7/16/10:"Brooke- I just wanted to let you know that I am pregnant again! I got my BFP on July 13th and it was a surprise as we were not actively trying. I am hoping that it is a girl like you predicted! Thank you again Kathryn" (Predicted on 8/29/2009!!!..... 'Do you think you'd be trying for a third next year? I do see you getting your wish of your next baby being a GIRL! I'm getting a timeframe of April-July for conception or BFP. Let me know..Brooke')



7/20/10: "Just letting you know I got my BFP at long last. Baby conceived on the 28th/29th June so you just made it!!!! "..Sonya (predicted "Soon! May/June..")



7/22/10: "Hi Brooke, I just wanted to follow up with you about the prediction that you did for me a while back. You predicted BY the end of March and a Boy. Well, we found out we were pregnant on March 27th and just found on last Friday that we are having a BOY!! You are awesome and I will recommend you to anyone. Everyone else was a little off on me, and you were the ONLY one who predicted a boy. Thank you! Lisa"



7/23/10: "Just thought I'd update you and let you know I got my BFP today"..Kate (predicted July/Aug BFP)



8/18/10 I have some wonderful news to share. You’re prediction came true. I switched Doctor’s(as predicted!) and I got pregnant on my first IVF try. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant with a singleton. We got our first positive on 7/29 and had our first sono on 8/13 – so your timing of August but maybe July was dead on.



8/25/10 Hi Brooke, just thought i'd send u a message, I got a bfp today! so obviously conceived in August, well done!!!! I really hope you're right about it being a boy!



9/8/10Hi Brooke.... i recived ur reading on 30th Aug and i knew AF was due around 4/5th Sept so i tested on 3rd and got a very faint line!!! i cant believe u got it so right!!! we had been trying for 13 months and nothing!!! thank u so what feels like a life time till i find out if u are rigth about it being a boy!!! some how i think u will be!!! thanks again ...D



9/20/10 Brooke - OMG you were right!!! I got my BFP today, we conceived in September just like you predicted. Thank you, thank you so much! I was getting acupuncture so maybe that is the medical assistance you saw in your prediction. I will let you know if it turns out to be a girl.



9/26/10 hi brooke just letting you know i got my BFP today predicted between now and end of october thank you i was so much more relaxed this cycle will KUP if you are right about my baby been a girl -zoe



9/27/10 Hello again Brooke, I just wanted to update you on your reading so far. I do have to have medical assistance to get pregnant, fertility meds and IUI's so far, not sure if I will go to IVF. Thank you again, you have at least given me hope for the next 2-5 months, I do hope you are right about getting pregnant.



10/1/10 Broooooooooooooooooke!!! I got my bfp today at 13dpo!!! YOU were right!! I had a “chance” of finding out this month!!! Wooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!



10/11/10 Hi Brooke! Just wanted to follow up, we found out the sex of the baby today, you were right again. It's a GIRL! Thank you!!



10/12/10 Yup, you're still awesome!! I am officially 4 weeks pregnant after conceiving the end of September (like you predicted) and finding out just last week. WooHoo!! I'll keep you posted when we find out the sex, but I have a good feeling it's a girl as well. Leah



10/13/10 Hi Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that your prediction for being pregnant "NOW" was spot on. I saw two of the most beautiful pink lines today on a pregnancy test. It is super early, but I am incredibly excited! I just hope this little bean sticks for us *fingers crossed*. Your reading gave me something to be excited about during the excruciating 2ww as well as hope after receiving it. Amber



10/24/10 Hi Brooke! I just wanted to let you know that your prediction was right on the money. I ovulated on 10/9, so technically I was pregnant when you gave me my reading. I got my BFP on 10/21. :)..Kendra On 10/10 predicted "if not NOW then by end of Nov"



10/27/10 Hello again Brooke. I have NO idea how you do it but once again you are correct! I got my bfp 2 days ago :) Katie



10/28/10 Hey Brooke!! I got my BFP on 10/21!! Yay for 'any time now' LOL!!



10/30/10 Hi Brooke, I wanted to tell you the good news....You were right! We got pregnant this month! I will keep you updated if you were right about it being a girl! Thanks for keeping us positive! Jessica



11/10/10 Hi Brooke, I got my BFP this morning!! (wow). Predicted on 10/18 Nov/Dec conception/find out.



11/10/10 Hi Brooke! Just wanted to tell you I got a BFP this morning! Your prediction was correct.Crossing my fingers that your prediction of boy and engagement come true as well. Lisa



11/10/10 Hey, just letting you know YOU WERE RIGHT!!!! I was pregnant the cycle you predicted in. My period started on the 13th, and you said the 19th 'now'. On the 6th of November, 2010, I got my first faaaaaint bfp! I'll let you know what the gender is later. Tyler



11/13/10 Update: You were right! (See below for previous reading). Our daughter was born November 5, 2010! It's a girl!



11/16/10I just wanted to let you know that you accurately predicted when I would get pregnant and that I would have a son! I already have a daughter who is 3. You predicted I would conceive in either Nov/Dec 2009 or would find out I was pregnant then and the baby would be a boy. I conceived in November and found out I was pregnant in December. Baby Henry was born in September this year!



11/30/10 Dear Brooke, Just wanted to let you know that I got my positive pregnancy test today, November 30! You were totally right. Thanks for your reading.



12/2/10Just wanted to let you know I got my BFP today!!! (Predicted in Oct, conceive or find out by end of Nov)



12/2/10 Hi Brooke, Just wanted to let you know i got my BFP today! so it was within to 2 months. Thank You, Brandi (Predicted in Oct, conceive or find out within two months)



11/20/10 Hi Brooke! I just wanted to thank you for the reading. Seems you were right because I got my BFP on Wednesday!! It was confirmed by bloodwork yesterday. I was surprised that you said between "now and Dec" because I received your reading on my ovulation day.



12/5/10 Hi Brooke thought I would let you know I got a BFP on Saturday, we conceived in November so a little sooner than your prediction but couldn’t be happier! 4 weeks today!! you saw “fun travel” which was defiantly on track, Im heading interstate to the beach over Christmas for 10days with my family.



12/6/10 Hi Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that I got a BFP this Sunday, that means I conceived in November as you predicted..Franca



12/16/10 Hi Brooke just wanted to let you know I got my bfp on my bday Dec 11th :D (Predicted in Oct, Nov/Dec conception/find out)



12/13/10 Hi Brooke- Just wanted to let you know I found out I was pregnant a few days you were spot on! And you pinpointed the older doctor around me too!!! Hope your right about it being a girl! impressed...thank you!!!



12/24/10 Hi Brooke! I just wanted to tell you that this morning we got our blessing of a positive test! Just as you said, it was in two months!! Thank you so much and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2011 validations:



1/1/11 WOW brooke!! You were right! I got my BFP in Dec just like you said!..Ilka



1/4/11 I did get my BFP on November just as you predicted.. Thanks Brooke



1/8/11 Just wanted to let you know that I got my BPF yesterday... Thanks so much! You were right on! -Sara



1/8/11 Hi Brooke!! Early days yet, but I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my BFP a few days ago - December conception!!! Very, very excited. Also, the hGC hormone results show a 'possibility' of twins, but we won't be sure until I have some scans done in a few weeks! Thank you Brooke, I'll be recomending you to all my friends!! -Danielle PREDICTED JAN CONCEPTION OR FIND OUT AND TWINS!



1/15/11 OMG I just took a early test because my period isn't due for another 2 days and it came back positive! This best been the best weekend, I got engaged yesterday! PREDICTED ON SAME DAY,"ARE YOU PREGNANT NOW??? IF NOT, THEN BY THE END OF FEB!"



1/17/11 Hi Brooke Just an email from me to say thank you for the prediciton I got from you last year. I've just found out that you were 100% right. BFP/conception before end June 2010 and I'm delighted to tell you that it's our long awaited baby Girl who is due in 8 weeks time. Thanks again Sonya



1/24/11 Hi Brooke, Just thought I would up date you to let you know that I did in fact conceive in December and found out about 3 weeks ago that I'm pregnant!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do a reading for me!! Kayla.



1/26/11 Hi Brooke, I can't find my original email you sent me but I wanted to tell you were right. I found out we were conceiving on Nov 5th you gave me a timeframe of Nov - Jan and you said it was a boy. We found out on Monday it was a boy. Thank you! Deanna



3/21/11 Hi Brooke,Just letting you know that you were 100% spot on with the timing AND the gender. We are expecting our own little boy due in August! Thanks heaps!Shavone



1/24/11 Hi Brooke, My husband did receive a job offer two months after your reading and started his new job in December. He doesn't love his new job, but he does enjoy it much more than his previous one. And yes, you were definitely right about him having several jobs in the last few years!



2/4/11 thank you so much Brooke I am very excited for my future. You are right on with the business. Our company just went public in the United States and many changes are occurring between the key players. The change has been hard on my husband, lots of meetings and such. He has dark hair blue green eyes. You are truly gifted, keep up the good work!!!!



2/12/11 Hi brooke, thanks for your reading. I'm happy to say that I got my bfp two days ago. You Were completly right about finding out by the end of february. You have a true gift, thanks again.



2/21/11 Hi Brooke,I thought you should know I got my BFP the 1st week in February :). Are you still seeing a girl?Thank you!!!Blake



2/23/11 Hi Brooke! I just wanted to let you know that we got our BFP last Thursday! You were right! Keep your fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly with this pregnancy! Thanks so much!Gina



3/9/11 Hi Brooke, Just thought I'd update that you were correct on both timing and gender. Got my BFP December 8th and found out last week that it's a boy. So excited! ThanksDonella



3/10/11 Brooke, just wanted to let you know youy were correct on my reading. i got my BFP on 3-7-11 from my feb. cycle !! laura



3/10/11 Brooke,I just wanted to thank you for your reading.We got a positive test on the 22nd Feb 2011. After seeing the doctor for fertility issues and having a lot of blood taken, no action was need tho.Thanks again, due in October we will see then if its a boy or not.karen (predicted Jan/Feb conception/BFP as well as possibility of bloodwork or other testing)



3/16/11 Brooke Just wanted to let you know that I got my BFP through my IVF in February 2011(as predicted) & I am due in October 2011. So far everything is going great & we just had our 7 week scan & heard the Heartbeat the most amazing experience we have ever had.Thanks



3/17/11 Hey Brooke! I got my BFP!!! You were right! We conceived in Feb. and got our BFP in March. :) You mentioned how we would get pregnant right in the nick of time before DH was to deploy. And boy, were you right. We found out the day he left!!! lol Thanks for helping me keep my hopes up through this long journey! Take care!



3/10/11 Hi Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that I got a TTC reading from you about a year ago and you were completely right! J I didn’t say anything while I was pregnant because I’m VERY superstitious, lol. You predicted an April/May conception/find out, but then said that the cards were showing you earlier so you said March/April/May!!! Well, I got pregnant mid March last year. This is after trying to get pregnant for 8 months with no luck. You also predicted I’d have a baby girl, and I did!!! So now we have 2 boys and a little girl! J We were shocked to say the least. She is now 3.5 months old and beautiful. I just wanted to let you know and to thank you. I did it for fun and I did it because I believe in this sort of thing. I’m glad I did! Thanks again! Melissa



3/21/11 You were right I didn't have to wait long - got my BFP yesterday, 3/20! Thanks so much for giving me hope as I waited for my dream to come true! Elizabeth



3/21/11 I GOT MY BFP!!!!! from a cycle that began in february!! Thank you so much Brooke!!!!



3/19/11 Hi! I just wanted to let you know your prediction last year of an august bfp was correct! I am now 33 weeks pregnant! You also predicted a girl, on that it was wrong. I've had quite a few ultrasounds and so far all are boy. Either way, thank you so much for your prediction. Crystal



3/20/11 Hi,Just a bit of an update - we conceived and found out in August ;) (predicted July/Aug conception/BFP)



4/5/11 Hi Brooke!! I wanted to let you know that I did get my BFP in February and I am 11 weeks along. So far you are spot on again!! We don't know the gender yet, but my husband and I would like a girl this time around (although we would love another little boy too).Thanks!! Kristina



3/27/11 Hi Brooke! I know it has been a while ago that I emailed you originally but I have been busy and wanted to update you. I sent you an email after finding out about you on I want to say it was in the late summer of 2009. You predicted that I would get pregnant or find out I was pregnant in Nov/Dec of 2009 and that we would have a boy. I just wanted to let you know that you hit the nail totally on the head!! We tried to have a baby for 3 years with the help of fertility meds and finally we go pregnant on December 24, 2009. I found out on January 6, 2010 that I was finally pregnant! I gave birth to my little boy on September 8, 2010. Just wanted to let you know so that you can add me to your list of perfect readings!! Thank you! Kelly Bailey



4/9/11 Hi Brooke, I got a reading from you back in late October early November. You predicted that I'd be pregnant sometime between November and January and to stay away from a certain drug. You also predicted I'd be seeing two different doctors. I just want to update you. Well I did receive my bfp on December 27th! You were right on! The "drug" you mentioned we were both thinking it was caffeine or alcohol or nicotine but actually it was clomid that I was supposed to avoid. I didn't take clomid the month of December based on a gut feeling... And my body actually worked! I'm now 19 weeks pregnant and very happy. Yet very scared because of my past miscarriage. Every day I'm questioning the viability of the pregnancy and whether this on will end like my first. It's very nervewracking! I just wanted to thank you for the awesome reading. I'm hoping everything turns out good and ill have a baby (girl i think!) to love come September. Thanks again. Kaytee



5/23/11 Hi Brooke, Just wanted to let you know that you had predicted last November that I would conceive or find out I was pregnant in Jan/Feb of were RIGHT!!!! I got pregnant in January and found out in January. You had predicted it would be a girl -- well, it's a boy -- but either way I am SO HAPPY! You also had predicted I would get the job I was interviewing for in November and I DID get the job! -Allison



6/8/11 "But on a happier note i got another BFP yesterday 5/31/2011. You said June/July and you were right."



6/30/11 "Hello I found this email and just wanted to let you know that you were right .... I conceived in sept/oct and the light haired / light eyed male was my high risk doctor. =) Thank you so much"



7/7/11 "Hey Brooke, just an update, you were right! :D I got my BFP :D so thrilled!"



7/12/11 "We did conceive and find out in April so you weren't far off! We are also having a boy which is awesome since we have 4 girls already!!! Thanks so much for your help it was so nice to have a confirmation that it would happen for us!"



7/13/11 "Hi Brooke, BFP!! tested this morning!! So your reading was spot on. Now, Is it twins or not??! Thank you for your perseverance with me"



7/19/11 "Hello Brooke!! I'm just here saying hello and with good news!... I concieved on March just like you predicted it the only thing is the gender we are having a girl... But we are thrilled about it, we didn't really matter about the gender... Thank you"



8/30/11 "Hi Brooke...I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that you were a little off on my reading I received last year. I did get a BFP when you said but you had also told me you thought I would be having a girl and ........ you never mentioned the OTHER girl that was coming with her!! Thanks again for the reading!!"



9/25/11 In reading: "They're also showing "travel" around you and an "older male" ...are you traveling to see your father by chance? Not sure what this is referring to, it just popped up.Let me know if/when this makes sense!"....... "Thank you for the update....the thing you said about travel and an older male....i actually am traveling to see my dad for gits birthday on friday! I'm praying to see those 2 lines soon!"



10/19/11 Reading: "I'm being shown a timeframe of Jan-March of next year, but I do hope I'm off and it's sooner. I have been off on timing before! A BOY appears for this pregnancy. I'm also being shown what appears to be IUI, or some other procedure which in some way leads to this pregnancy. And they're showing "travel" and an "older male", as if you'd be traveling for treatments? If this makes sense?Does your dr have gray hair? Let me know if you can validate anything that came up."



Response: "You are good!!! :) First of all thank you for the great news..I've been having really good feelings about this future pregnancy which I kinda of feel like is coming soon. I am currently undergoing treatment for an IUI procedure which should be happening within the next few days. I do travel back and fourth from there (dr's appts and to work.) And the doctor I've been seeing is an older man with lots of grey hair."



11/11 OMG your already right on a few things lol I did find a new dr recently which i absolutely LOVE! She is doing a ton of testing on me to find out whats going on.. The dark hair light blue eyed male you see might be Chris (Fiance) he has dark brown hair and blue eyes:)



11/8/11 I know it’s been over a year but I actuallyjust found out I was pregnant! My husband and I were not TTC but accidentallygot pregnant, we’re very happy about this! We actually did conceive thebaby this past October. So you’re below Oct prediction was correct. Youtold me this last year and I was so confused, but lo and behold we conceived thispast October as you predicted J I’ll keep you posted if the baby is a boy.Thanks so much!



11/29/11 Hi's been a few days since this email, so any news? From what I'm being shown, it looks like you ARE pregnant now...if you're not, then I have say by end of December(conceive or find out). A GIRL appears for this pregnancy. I'm also being shown a doctor's appointment coming up very soon...feels like right after you get your BFP! Please keep me posted!



Hi Brooke! Your reading was wonderful! First of all, yes, I am pregnant!!! Very early but I'm excited. I so hope you are correct about the gender, I would love to have a daughter! I was absolutely thrilled to read "Girl" in your prediction. You were right with my last pregnancy, both timing and gender, so here's hoping you have a really good read on me and you are correct his time around as well! Secondly, I did just make a Dr's appointment yesterday for next week....!



12/2/11 Hello, Brooke!I just wanted to let you know that I just got a BFP yesterday, so that was right in line with your December "find out" prediction.



12/11/11 Hi Brooke - just wanted you to know you were pretty spot on - conceived in August but found out on Aug 30th. And it is a BOY! :)



12/19/11 Hi Brooke,In regards to your reading below you were spot on, my husband walked away from his share in the business in March as he couldn't trust his business partner, he started his own business in April which hasn't gone to well and i hope as you say below that it will turn around soon for us, also i have just had a baby he is 4 months old giving me 3 children as you also said below,Thanks Brooke



12/20/11 I just wanted to let you know that you saw September/October for me concieving/finding out/ birth month. Safe to say I concieved Oct. 24th. I'm now officially 10 weeks pregnant. Thank you, your reading definitley gave me something to look forward too.



12/26/11 Just wanted to let you know you were absolutely RIGHT about the date!! Concieved in November!! Just waiting to find out if its a boy or girl, will let you know :D



12/29/11 Hello Brooke, Thanks so much for the reading...happy to inform you that i got my BFP yesterday...I am so excited



1/4/12 Hi Brooke,Thank you for the reading. I just wanted to let you know that on 1/2 we received our BFP!!! I was undergoing acupuncture during that cycle and my husband had a semen analysis as well.Thank you!Jamie (predicted Jan/Feb conceive/find out and "testing")



1/6/12 Hi Brooke I had a reading from you back in may and I just wanted to give you an update. I got my BFP on July 11th 2011 and I am due Feb 30th with a little girl I also wanted to let you know you were right about the physician also I had 2 male docs and my new o.b is a female it is amazing how accurate you were with my reading thank you so much.



1/7/ there a test they can do early on that would detect CF? They're showing a test coming up and upon learning the results of this test, I'm getting the card of "celebration". So good news is coming, according to my cards! I'm also getting that this baby is a GIRL!....hi brooke we did an amnio on thursday to check for cf and we should get the results in the next 3 days so i hope and pray you are right on the celebration card ,,ill let you know how things go.... hi brooke , we got the final results back on friday and the baby is akl clear no cf thank god all is healthy , they have not told us the sex as of yet ,, so im wondering do you still se a girl we are so relieved that the baby is healthy and hoping the rest of your prediction comes true for us , thanks so much....hi brooke , just to let you know that we have found out its a little girl we are having we are so happy ,, thanks for everything



1/20/12 Hi Brooke! I am sorry I never emailed to let you know about my BFP, but YES, I received a BFP on Sept 11th!!! I am about to be 23 weeks on Saturday, I feel like this is all such a miracle! SO I wanted to let you know you were correct about my BFP:) But it looks like I will be having a girl! Now, I know that can all change but so far all signs point to girl:)! Thank You again!!! You gave me hope in a time when I had none!!!-Michelle



1/20/12 Thank you so much. After I admitted my question, I have found out that I am most definitely pregnant!! So you were right on with receiving a BFP now. :)Thank you so much :)



1/30/12 Just been going through my past readings & found this. I thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know I finally (after 3 1/2 years) got my bfp on the 27/08/2010, so wouldve conceived around the end of July, beginning of August. (predicted July/August)I had my beautiful baby girl(predicted GIRL) 2 weeks late by emcs on the 17/05/2011 after a very long labour.



1/31/12 Not sure if you remember the conversation below, but you asked me to keep you updated. My baby, was indeed, a girl. She was born May 4, 2011.



2/14/12 Hi Brooke :)It was just confirmed today for the second time...we are having a little boy! You were one of the very few who was right! So grateful. Thank you for being so good at what you do!



2/18/12 Just wanted to let you know that I had an ultrasound yesterday and they confirmed that I was having a BOY!! You were right again!! Thanks so much.



3/14/12 yes you were right! I'm soooo excited Im still in shock thank you do much Brooke I deffinately will let you know hope your right and it's a girl lol(: (predicted in March, "BY APRIL" conceive or find out)



3/16/12 I just wanted to let you know that we found out this week that our baby is a GIRL as you predicted.



3/7/12 They also show you working with a physician...a woman, possibly in her 40s(or older) with brown hair, if this makes sense? Client: My OB/GYN is a woman in her 40's and she has brown hair.



3/14/12 Dear Brooke, I got my BFP on Feb. 25th! Going thursday to (hopefully) see the heartbeat! (predicted "Feb/March conceive or find out)



3/25/12 Hi Brooke, Just got my bfp yesterday so you were right.



3/29/12 "Brooke, Iam pregnant with twins. Conceived beginning of February. Can you believe it." (Predicted on Dec 5,2011:Hi Tanya...I'm getting as soon as next month, or Feb for conception or when you find out. A BOY appears for this pregnancy. Could be a possibility of twins!)



3/30/12 "Thanks so much, that makes perfect sense. I'm seeing a fertility specialist at the moment and currently on medication." (predicted working with a physician,testing, and meds)



4/7/12 "Thank you for the reading. I just wanted to let you know I got my Home BFP April 1st and confirmed blood work with the Dr. 4/2 and 4/4. I have my first ultrasound April 16th and am so anxious, nervous and excited. Thank you so much!!!" (predicted on March 27, "by end of April for conceive or find out")



4/27/12 "Hello there Brooke! Just wanted to write you this email to thank you for your time, and for the reading!! You told me I'd expect my pregnancy news in april/may. Its april 27 and I got my BFP!! :) Hopefully this baby stays! Only a couple more months until I found out the gender. You said girl and I hope you're right!!! Ill keep you posted!! Thanks a million times more!!!"



4/30/12 "I did want to let you know what you said initially about it being a big surprise was totally true! After all this time, I wondered how it would ever be a surprise to find out I'm pregnant, especially while looking for it to happen with the treatments... But I had a gut-wrenching feeling it didn't work and didn't even want to test. I tested because I had to for the doctor. Right away, the two pink lines showed up, and both my husband and I were in tears. Totally unexpected - which sounds crazy. So I did want to give you that feedback!"



5/3/12 "Bfp now praying for a healthy bean!!!!!" (predicted in March.."within two months" for conceive/find out)



5/5/12 Hi B....I have to say, based on what they're showing me, if you're not pregnant NOW (I think you are!) then you will be by end of June! And they keep showing me "two"! As in TWINS! Do twins run in the family or would this pregnancy be a result of IUI or IVF? I'm being shown a girl and a boy. If just ONE, I'm getting it'll be a GIRL. ...."Omg!!! Twins do run in my family!! I'm a twin myself!! I have a twin brother and I'm older by 1min. We cannot afford IVF or IUI but me & my boyfriend have been taking Fertilaid pills. I really hope I'm pregnant now I will be sure to update you. God bless you & THANK you again!!! :)"