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I've had psychic abilities ever since I can remember. From childhood on, I often astounded my friends AND myself! I didn't quite understand where the information was coming from. As I've always been a practical and logical-minded person, there had to be a practical, or "scientific" explanation for what was happening! Not until much later did I come to accept that not everything in life has to be explained. It just "is"! Ten years ago I discovered tarot cards. I tested them over and over again. Seemed they were always RIGHT. I have been able to help many people...friends, family, friends of friends and complete strangers. Many times all I had to go on was the person's first name. I was still able to receive accurate (spiritually guided) messages using my cards. I can help with matters regarding love/relationships (my specialty!)or any other questions you may have...."Will he propose?" "Is taking this job a good idea?" "Will I have children...Will I get pregnant soon?" "Is he or she being faithful?" "Will my business turn around?" "How does he or she really feel about me?" If you have a "when" question I will do my best to pin down a time frame for you. But please know that "divine timing" plays a major role in many aspects of life.