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July 11:Hi Brooke...I wanted to let you know we had our gender scan today...and it is indeed a boy!!


July 2: hi Brooke,
Just wanted to update you and let you know you were right....I'm due to have my baby girl on 2nd December. Couldn't be happier. Many thanks.

Hi Brooke,

Hope you are keeping well. I just wanted to update you to let you know, I got my much wanted BFP on June 1st :)
Fingers and toes crossed all goes well now! Thank you so much again.
(Predicted April 15th "within two months for conceive or find out)


June 2012:

Hi Brooke,

I just wanted to follow up on your reading to let you know you were
RIGHT! I got my bfp on June 23rd. Your reference to lifestyle
changes was spot on as well, I had just made an appt with a
nutritionist who changed my entire way of eating and taking new
supplements. Thank you for giving me hope when I felt like I had none
on my long ttc journey.


August 31: I got a positive pregnancy test last night :)
(predicted in Jan 2012 "August/Sept conceive or find out)




Sept 2012:

Well brooke i got my bfp last sunday now i just have to wait and see if it is twins and a girl or girls!! Ty so much i will keep you posted. (predicted 8/28: "by end of Oct. conceive/find out")



Sept 2012:
Hi Brooke,

Thanks so much for your prediction back in June. You were right! I changed from trying naturally and with Clomid, and switched OBGYNs, and the new one suggested an IUI with injectibles, and it worked the first try. And just as you predicted, I am now pregnant during my Aug/Sept cycle with a change in meds! We are really hoping this pregnancy goes well and we have a healthy happy baby! :) When you predicted this in June, I was skeptical because I did not know why I would not go in for fertility treatments and conceive earlier....but things were just so busy and we could not even try to conceive again until my Aug/Sept cycle!


Sept 2012:

Hi Brooke,
Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. Everything that you said makes absolute sense. I did loose a baby boy, he is always with me, and gives messages. Twins could be very possible as I have to do fertility treatments in terms of getting pregnant, and I am not only a twin, but twins run in both of our families. In order to sustain pregnancy, I will be on progestrone supplements, ans this is my first time with that. With timing, if my husband is not home on time this month (he's coming back from his final deployement) then November would be the next time i'd find out. In terms of an alternative treatment, I will most likely be doing accupuncture when I am pregnant as I have had two major brain surgeries and I know I'm going to have a difficult time with pain and my back/neck issues. I loved everything about my reading, thank you so much for such a wonderful and uplifting reading!



 Hi! I just wanted to update and let you know we are pregnant!! We had this reading over a year ago but as you showed we had a delay in trying! :) I just got my BFP last week! I'll let you know when we know girl or boy!!! I really hope you seeing girl is still correct after all this time :)

You were dead on with our last baby (a boy) and even told us we would be moving into a house before we even knew we would be looking for a house!!!! You even had the time frame right! :)xoxox
 Hi Brooke! You were right again! I got a positive pregnancy test this morning. I pray this one is healthy and sticks!
Hi Brooke!! Just wanted to let you m pw you were right - we received our BFP last week!! Thank you for being correct :)) happy holidays!
1/15/13Hi Brooke,
It's been a couple of years since we last wrote and I just wanted to continue to validate your prediction! A couple of years ago (see the email trail below), you told me that you saw me surrounded with children. Well, ironically, I started working at a school soon after we moved back to the east coast in early 2010. I NEVER pictured myself working with children, or being surrounded with them for that matter ;) , but here I am. This morning while I was getting ready for work, I remembered our emails and it hit me that I never told you that you were, in fact, right on that count as well.
Hi Brooke,

Just wanted to update you on my BFP from my December cycle. I did use herbal fertility tea and ovulation test strips. :D -Lindsay    (Predicted conceive or find out Nov/Dec!)
Wanted to let you know that you were right. You said I would find out or conceive by December. Well, I had an IUI on Christmas Eve and found out Jan. 5th that I was pregnant.
 Hi Brooke! I wanted to let you know that we found out last night that we are having a baby GIRL!! Everything you predicted was correct! Thank you so much!
Hello Brooke!
Well I got my BFP in FEB! I am about 9 weeks now! YAY! You were spot on the timing og conception!! :)
Hi Brooke,
I wanted to let you know that your reading for me was correct. I concieved late January and found out early February that I am pregnant. I am not too sure of the sex yet as I am 11weeks.
The older male does sound like my family doctor who has passed away, you described him to a tee!
Hi Brooke,
You were so right!!! I did conceive end of November and just found out it's a girl!!! So excited.
I wanted to let you know that your reading for me was correct. I concieved late January and found out early February that I am pregnant. I am not too sure of the sex yet as I am 11weeks.
The older male does sound like my family doctor who has passed away, you described him to a tee!
Found out I am having a boy(as predicted), yes hubby said 7 was enough. But I would love to try one more time. We have all boys so I would really love a wee girl.. Many thanks for your reading, you were spot on with hubby's feelings...

Hi Brooke
I just wanted to follow up on your reading for me. On feb 21 you told me ill be pregnant very soon and that it will be a girl. On march 7th I had a pos prg test. Last friday I found out that it will be a girl. Im soo excited!!! Thank you so much.

July 2013
Hi Brooke,
Just wanted to update you....We got pregnant the "old fashioned way" just as you saw while I did have to take a prescription supplement for my thyroid, again, just as you saw....and it is a boy just as you saw! I had him on June 8th. You were right on! Thanks for all of your wonderful talent!!
Hi Brooke, Since your reading back in June, I found out that I was pregnant (official positive blood test in July). So you were right with the timing.
August 2013
Hi Brooke
Thank you very much for an accurate prediction, I did conceive a baby boy in March and found out in April. This baby was conceived through IVF and I had to travel by flying to another city to do IVF, I believe that is the travel you saw.
Sept 2013
Dear Brooke;
Let me first thank you for being so kind and considerate to do my reading before you go away, you made my day!
Let me assure you that what you said in your readings made a lot of sense as I am considering doing IVF on October and told myself I would do acupuncture in conjunction to it.... Your reading made me cry with joy!
Thank you again for you reading
Hi Brooke - thought I'd let you know we are having a little boy! Hopefully it will all be smooth sailing from now until February!! Thanks for everything :)
Oct 2013
I got a positive test yesterday, low numbers hopefully this one sticks. Obviously I don't know the gender. Thanks again  (predicted Oct conception or find out)
Hi Brooke

Just to let you know that I am pregnant with twins. I was told that one is definately a boy. You saw a boy and a girl for me. (predicted b/g twins)