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I have found you are the most accurate reader I've had ( and I've had plenty of readings) and your readings reflect where I am at each time I have one with you ! I know it's not guaranteed but you were right before when so many said girl for Noah ! And you were the only one to pick up on gender selection ! No one even knew I was considering that option !


Oct 2015

Reading: "Hi R.... Have to ask if you've been pregnant before, as I'm getting at least two children in Spirit around you..if not, they could be showing "future" children!
I'm getting that you've been undergoing testing and possibly either IUI or IVF? if that makes sense. I see you working closely with a physician..interesting they're showing me this dr. being an older male(or male with gray hair) with a sense of humor! :-) Does this describe your physician?? I'm seeing possibly more testing (and/or procedure) and what appears to be Clomid...have you been taking Clomid? (could be "currently" or recent past) But as far as timing, I do see you pregnant "within two months" so any time between NOW and end of Dec. Getting a possibility of twins here, one's a boy..not showing me the gender of the other one, if twins. But if just ONE, definitely a BOY! They're also showing me "travel" your dr. a distance away?
Let me know if anything that came up makes sense! And I hope to hear of your BFP soon!"
Client validations:
Your gift is truly amazing! Yes... We've done a few IVFs and for the last 9 cycles or so IUI's with clomid and clomid-like pulls called femara). Since we had no luck, my doc, (which def has a sense of humor) (and does have gray hair), is wanting to do a"natural" IVF using minimal meds since I was producing 3 follicles anyway on the clomid/femara.   Yes... the natural IVF is coming up in about 3-weeks or so....
The "travel" you are getting has to do with our longing to finally take a trip in the winter
OMG Brooke
I just reread this reading and I cant believe you wrote "and I think they will help with the moving expenses just the feeling I got"
Relocation cost didnt even cross my mind when I asked you to do the reading and here they are covering the flights, the shipping and temporary housing.
You are so gifted!!!
Yes you are so right about an older man physician. He is the recurrent miscarriage doctor who is so helpful and has put me on baby aspirin, progesterone and tested me for hypothyroism :-) so yes right on the test too!!! I trust you so much with readings and more. Its an amazing gift you have!
I first learned of Brooke when I was TTC and having a really rough go at it several years ago. While my TTC road wasn't as quick and painless as I would've hoped, I got regular readings from Brooke, and they were SO ACCURATE! She saw me needing IUI, but not IVF...saw things about my future doctor that I hadn't yet found... She saw details around certain procedures. It was AMAZING! It helped me renew my hope each month, when it felt so hard holding on. I can never give her enough credit for helping me keep my chin up during that time. I really do thank my lucky stars I met Brooke! And I did have the baby she saw coming!
I came back to Brooke when another major intersection appeared in my life. She has been a constant guiding star, helping me gain perspective and get around obstacles that would otherwise take me who knows how long. Again, the things she sees are SO ACCURATE! I've also referred friends to her, and they love her too.

Hi my lovely Angel!!

I just found out today that I'm PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were RIGHT on EVERYTHING!!!!! the Feb/March for BFP/conception was exactly right... we had the egg retrieval procedure Jan 31, we did the transfer on March 1 and we found out today! I've been speechless and smiling, laughing, screaming and crying for the past 4-hours and still feel like it's all a dream... can't believe this is real!

       I just want you to know that you were with me through it all, and I cannot property communicate through writing how much you have helped me. I couldn't have done it without you. Your are a blessing, an angel and my heart is just full of so much joy knowing that you are now part of my life!! I want to give you a big fat hug for 20 minutes!!


I will be definitely coming back to you again... and again!!!

Oh, and please post this up on your testimonial page!!!




I was going through my old email and came across this chain. I sounded like a crazy person! I did end up having a baby boy and I did end up (at my doctor's orders) taking prometrium through my first trimester. He is a happy almost six year old (with some skin issues, asthma and food allergies - and a lazy eye), but we wouldn't trade him for the world. He makes our life complete.
Thank you for your guidance early on when I needed it.